I am sitting on my lonesome own, twisting and wishing to Christ to get a little further away from these particular people
It’s, what, nine p.m.?
And I’m floored, incredibly so
Dinner went down the same way it has being doing for three whole rotten weeks, and my mind is worse than it ever was if that is even possible
I cannot so much as breathe but I will smoke, it is seriously the one thing which takes me away from the angst somewhat
My teeth reek and I’m gaining a gut
Fuck, they all used to say I was so handsome and all, wish I’d believed them now – the girls might have stared in admiration, yet my charming side ran frightfully away from itself, the ability was there only minus the all too necessary orchestration of cupid’s strings, arrow only no bow it seems
It’s still absolute agony, so bad and so upsetting for its loneliness alone
I’m terrifically caged by my own goddamn brain, can you even believe that!?
I have totally lost my mind but it’s a bit more acceptable in its insane nature because I know full well that I have lost it – to have been petrified would be a romantic experience in complete comparison, no word of a lie
My words are an awful slur at best, the jest a ferocious joke of seismic kinds, hidden beneath a feat rather impossible to conquer – at the thirsty surface only minus that dastardly flag
Ladies and mental men, welcome to the world of the worst case of OCD to ever rear it’s ugly, pock-marked head
You cannot even begin to begin to begin to start to try and attempt to comprehend this thing
And if you did your mind would be entirely blinded by the most sickeningly horrific eighteen-year horror-show going, you’d be a lot more creative than I, that’s for sure
Tell me you have OCD and I see a tear, I’ll hug you
Because your prison sentence is just getting ready to roar that door wide shut
Goodbye and sorry we never truly knew you