Went to the hairdresser today
For a cut
Well overdue
And all I could think was
What if I were better
How easy would it be
To chat this hairdresser up
I chatted with her about the day…
Things going on about the place
My job – I’d none
But managed to sweet talk my way
Around it
At least I thought that’s what
I was doing
Who knows for sure
One side of my head
Testing the other side
Holy shit
That can’t be right
And the worst part was
This hairdresser wasn’t
Particularly fanciable
Stretch the imagination
And she might be
Then she tells me where her husband works
Christ If I’m not careful I’ll walk my way into
Marriage wrecker territory
Without even knowing it
Better safe than sorry
Things like that
Shouldn’t feel like an exam
Done with those damn things
Get your hair cut
And get the hell out
Will be what I do
Next time
The haircuts not too bad actually
Once I stopped analysing
Ever last detail
Time to nip this f**ker in the bud
If I’m not careful
Next time I’ll end up a pile on the floor
Covered in suds