Probably not the easiest venue in the world to stroll on down, but then I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe I have what it takes to make it
A relatively strong personality, the ability to use criticism constructively
And there will always be criticism, just up to me to make it constructive or otherwise
One way or other the poem will for a while be teetering on the brink of demise
Do I prefer to write poems for people because I get to imagine what their life might be like
Or poems of my own while I get to sit down at home and go with the flow
Perhaps I ain’t such an ordinary joe, but neither am I going to get carried away
A million and one better writers out there, it’s just that they may not have found their niche
I didn’t find mine, I was getting so fed up with the written word to the point where whenever I opened up a brand new book I found the mere idea of reading it rather absurd, dull to my brain
And I still think that way, think that a book is a rather dull pursuit
Not for the writer who wrote it, the one who managed to find what works for them when it comes to their particular pursuit
I worry that the rhyme will drop and before I’ve ever really started it will all come to a stop
Guess that’s the ‘writer’ in me, too fast in motion to see that what will be will be
This leading to a certain degree of commotion
I don’t as of yet have the potion that works wonderfully, gets me and my rhyme inside a book
But didn’t I just say that the book bores me?
Christ almighty, seems I really do have to not think everything through, rather wait and see