You absolutely do, you want to have to intertwine with your fans
So-called fans sometimes
Trust me on this, things will most probably turn out better than grand, I mean all they will ever really want to do in the beginning is know how in the name of God it is that you manage to write the way that you do…
If it’s a conference, they will savour their drink, while you are mid-talk, they will try to think what it is they need to be asking you next, this famous writer sat in right in front of them
You can’t think about it too much, you’ll say, “Surely be to God, I’m not just here to impress”
You’re human too, even if you seem to have honed this particular craft that little bit more than a few of them sitting there in makeshift chairs
Then there will be fans who want a piece of you, not a real piece, at least I hope not, but you can’t be too sure
I mean, perhaps… the one’s who will come at you, pen in hand, looking to chat, acting like butter wouldn’t melt, the purest of the pure
See what I’m saying?
They do seem to say that there’s no point in delaying the inevitable, but I’m sure you’ll be prepared to delay this, a psychotic spiraling fast towards one in a long line of their serious ‘down’ spells
That kind of shit, it will always and forever need to be quelled
So, good luck, Chuck!