Why weren’t they uttering inconsequential words but… “because they actually bloody well were.” We’ve divided our charming time amongst these people of purely. They seem

Antiquated inside of their animated heads and utterly rested and ready for bed. Back behind the tone of time and testing insignificances again, she’s been —- “breathing at a resoundingly fast pace, been seeing something else which most other people can, actually.”

We won’t much like how she enticed paralysed eyes and we won’t even begin to sin in the very same way as her pulverised people did. Unfortunately they’ve counted the digits which just did not care for their mathematical infatuation anyway. Would. Not. Sit. Still. Indeed – with their epic delay

There’s nothing left to say but for.. “sit back down NOW, please, dearest sleeping people and Let Us Be These Surely both Purely wonderful people with wonderfully effed UP dreams of ourselves AGAIN. Set to swim AND sail inside of our marvelised minds.”