There’s this particular power in the none too necessary need to bring it all back together- fondly and… Forever(?!) Hardly, actually; although, aforesaid Necessities need not have had to tIcKle US ten-times-pInK.. and the tone of tOnI€ it took US to t-h-i-n-k: “rather RoundAbout AndResolute…”

Was JustAnotherThing, indeed. Of ‘fitting-IN’ to RemainEgotistically estranged. They were.. nothing anymore but for… … these SelfAdored and -aDuLatEd people who did

“WhicheverThing we may like to set-to-SECONDARY-s-e-e-d(!!)” Although, we were PRObably always fr€€, just that… ahem, what it does takeSOMETIMES can often forsake

—- a million other

WonderFULLY BEAUTIFULthings. “WhereIN they willSingItAndAt Ultimately PreDeterminedPace(!)”

When their thinking-faces were BUILT for wReCkInGbAlL SuRvIVaL — . “SomeHOW???????!!)”