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It’s a none to unCOMMONaforementionedAffair, this.. game called catching UP with a State oF inCONsequential wildness of eye….

We are… dedicated to being these people of individuals who have been taken care of enough hours now.. to stand inside of our own “WiLdesT scatterings of Dream” and to

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Cautiously consider themselves to be perfectly honest and certainly opportunistic, indeed; they n+e+e+d not u+t+t+e+r ((YET)) another world of word— warbling and happily sPaRrIng -til sparing their greaTEST blushes from OCCURING: monstrously(..)

Excitable and DAFTly delinquents. We really all were wondering what time it DID tick down to

Now(?!) “for+them+all; to feel the HEAT of ten-Thousand deadpan, deadBEATafternoons again.” Just the1 – “and it is our scintilLATEd SuN.”

When kindness qualifies for everyone and every woman’s ownSON.