We were all in it together now and borrowing another leaf from that so-called SO-BE-it… imaginative and addled expectations pAGE: so as our AGELESS DayS(!)

Windeded their way down again. “It is exceptional what can happen when the occurring nature of things IS

—- the most unexpected thing.. ahem, in TOWN.”
(Own) they go again, to Infest their own waters, actually. Were we really

Feeling.. all a bit brutalisTIC and on utter poised purPOSE, or..

And this ISN’T (exactly)important but:: “did she(really) j-US-t need to alTeRnatE between herself having b-e-e-n:: breathtakingly beautiful and ****~SAAAAKE VICEversa(!)” probably not..

But the dots between these sentences just do not seem to care. As she spares a

Thorough~thought for outlandish happiness. Because that was the easiest part of being pretty (spectacular, indeed.)