All of her nauseating questions masterfully answered actually. All of her withdrawn breaths still standing. All of her breathing STRENUOUSLY associated with its own GaMe of “GO GET ‘EM, mother fucker!” She

Stands to deliver it all and for all of everyone ELSE who came to know- “the dedicated difference between being relatively happy and CreAtiVeLy CONtent.” We like how the ‘whys’ and the ‘wheres’ are always doing their wondering and wanting to KNOW… and we certainly like how

She held hope against a fusillade rope. “There were incredible ways to make it all seem – searingly beautiful.” Even brand-new PREarranged, actually, ways of

Breaking brand-new bread.” They have a lot of time on their artistic hands and enough quality of mind to FiNd it all to’ve been — “behind enemy lines. Why, as we said AFORESAID until jaded in the TERRITORIAL head, was it all of the bedraggled people and all of the aforesaid time, and WHY

Were they seriously BEHAVING akin to {UTTER} underdog imbeciles?” But possibly-both-probably because THAT ADVANTAGEOUS CRAWL _____________ stalled enough bewildered people back to believing in the StraNgEsT MENtal existence to be admittedly

Marvelled at. We’ve been digging-deep yet again {inside of our rain-soaked heads and making creation seem Like Its Own Game Of:

“Idiosyncratic tendencies wrestled dramatically amidst authentic aWaReNeSs… and make it MARVELLOUS this time, plEASE!”