With this fiercely threatening cigarette, I do tend to perch to regret
Atop your rule-worthy everything
Trust in me, no less… For the taste just turns out to be, put plain and simply, fair heavenly-sent!?
Yes, yes, yes… I shall perhaps repent to a most ferociously cruxified and potent point
Anointing myself my own soul destroyer
Stay with what seems to appear to be previously perfectly attired me – from tip-to-soothingly-so-toe
Forever We?
Meaning to tease these altogether wanderlust eyes – only ever owing to this unimaginable beauty swarmed quite righteously within thee
Thrilled to… maybe… be an intricate final piece
of this seriously prioritised and clandestinely travailed party-hard being
Take my trembling hand to dance the tantalised dance of a memorific lifetime indeed