I’ve watched you crucify your very own homegrown ability to see these things = why must WE STILL cause oh so goddamnit derogatory upheaval to uttermost which way is IN FACT SPECTACULARLY UP!??
Interrupt that girl in forever waiting, do these outrageously seen to be endeavours the best you ever can manage to behold
Treasure the lesser part of you – silenced and ridiculed – til painted fine, fine art hung heavenly above
legacy posthumorous
Push to shove and you shall matter the most to only ever mighty wined self – ta-fuk Ive been making up the Bushmills difference either way, for alcohol-poisoned everything will moth-to-a-perilous-flame open up a million such senses to see, albeit place that enticement cap atop and go again
Prey when danger transforms itself to artistically inclined necessity
One life, one crime, they say fail good because no-one has yet to realise this very word
– to make no kinds of sense whatsoever, remember: fiction breathes glory-filled amidst aforementioned said slur, the rest but button-pushing non-entities of their crowd-pleasing own
It’s all gravy, baby, wait and free yourself outright
I’m your dancing disguise up ALL OF THE NAKED A.M. NIGHT
rest with me and press fair gently against this build-to-block chest – caress these once-upon-a-tame-shame charmingly opportune senses again