Take my hand.. And dance, like it can only ever mean softly spoken everything

They’ve been eagle-eyed watching and we feel it all, every next defected little piece

Let’s make a new world order – where upside-down-mismatched-dispatch is otherworldly supreme

Here I now sit, cigarette streamed by boisterous lips
They shan’t ever even understand half of what we say, yet these words they swirl like tasteful crazy

I am the great defector, who carries a most beautifully stood upright despair – just tell me please, and lean in a little closer to whisper it near my pin-pricked ear… do you feel it all rapidly collide inside of your righteously hiked pencil skirt

Legs-eleven, delve with me
A little deeper than that in fact

Perhaps deeper than five-thousand oceanic-ally inclined, tantalised-to-ride-the-wave-of-a-lifetime rivers, my dear

When we came like distasteful crazy
Blue lights on the pen-infected landscape, I love the colour of it all