A confident liar
Don’t they say that God does loves a trier
But I go too far sometimes, possibly up there on a par with Hitler and the likes
See, I’ve a pal called Mike who revels in it all
Then there’s Paul who can’t handle the hassle it brings
I tell girls the wrong name, all kinds of confusing things
If I get caught all I have to do is shift the blame
It’s too much fun working under an alias, much easier to impress
Is my girlfriend happy
Hell no, Jess can’t stand it
Believes her boyfriend to be the absolute pits
But when I’m with her I’m with her, no two ways
There are other games I can play, tell the taxman my name’s Stan, that I have no job, no real plan right now
You all lap it up, as though you’re minus a brain, thinking about it some more it’s quite insane
Or maybe I’m the one who’s insane, always shifting that blame
A criminal mind, the best kind in the world
Took the evil too far one time, ended up murdering a man, name’s Brian
His brother Shane took the blame because put plain and simple he walked himself into the perfect trap
I know a lot of you will think I’m a blood-sucker, a rather crap individual, but I don’t care ‘cos I’m evil
So very evil I took the title and first line of this poem from a well known band
It’s grand, if they ever find out at least they’ll be reading my stuff
Shit… thinking about it some more, have I said too much?