It will still take everything in me to turn this thing ‘off’ – the ocd, I mean, of course. I have done all that I can. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. I have ocd – chronically so – and I am never going to give up in finding that necessary balance for myself. I understand it, it might just be starting to understand me. Lose the label, as Alison one said to me. Lose the whole imbalanced part that runs through your brain. Let it all FALL AWAY TO NOTHING. That’s the hoped for aim with this particular thing. 🤔 I am proud, even so much as blown-away at what I still continue to achieve amidst this thing inside of my head-the-ball. OCD. I have it. I am dealing with this mental imbalance and heart-breakingly crushing delay in proceedings as well as ANYONE has surely ever handled a mental illness diagnosis. It is not ONE of the most debilitating mental illnesses in the world. It is THE most debilitating mental illness in the world! That’s the harsh truth of the situation for any such sufferer. That’s the game we have to play with our own minds much of the time. And that is what it is. But this? This whole thing will always only ever push me on to greater and bigger and more caring things. It might feel like a tonne of weight but it’s gonna fall away eventually. 😃