Absurd to admit it but I’m the most evil poet in the world
I admit as much because I use this thing for a crutch
If people read it then that’s great, but I know what I have to do to make it rain
Get these poems inside a book of sorts, nothing short of that will do, and if that means going above and beyond, burning some already tethered bridges then so be it
This is it, my time to shine, to read absolutely sublime
No room for mistakes, I don’t believe in taking the good with the bad
Sad perhaps but I’m in it for the long haul
If I meet a publisher who seems a little off, let’s call him Paul, I’ll tell him as much, admit once more that I am trying to use his publication for a crutch
I’ve been nice for far too long, trying to remain strong when all I have been really doing is walking into pushover territory
This is my story, and if they ask in many a year, unpublished, if I still have what it takes I’ll tell them it was they who may just have made the biggest mistake of their life
I’ll have a wife, 2.4 children by then, maybe have found an entirely different kind of ZEN
Although I have a feeling it will always come down to this pen
I’m a perfectionist and I know it, nothing will change that
Ah no, I’m not that evil at all, just dying to have my book flying out the door
So here’s hoping that the publication after that will have you and yours coming back for more