An immaculate perception
Outrageously so
No such direction when it came to him, from the very beginning
One of life’s great dreamers, a gregarious underachiever
All too often with floundering injections of hope
Nope, nothing ever seemed to go anywhere near softening the blow time and time again
You see, he was a little prone on opting to put the cart before the horse
A hell of a lot of turmoil right there, but seemingly never enough to soil his sullen ways
One ego-trip after another, chasing those all too anticipatory glories
Coursing, pouring on out of him absolutely against everybody else’s will
Leaving an embarrassed mother and father right at home, the people who really should matter
Really should care
Copious splatterings of disaster, makeshift plasters forever ready to be put in place
Ashen-faced, a bloody disgrace for all of us to see, perhaps an unsteady hand
Seems, my friend, what will be, will most certainly be