She’s been keeping an eye on it now, and she drifted and left her death alone and for a whole long while –

Her shy little resting smile seemed to have its own way with people; it’s very own mannerisms n all, and if they needed anything then it might’ve been…

“The inner willingness to drive themselves utterly… insane again, only in a most FocusEd Instance of chaotic comprehension.” We were altered and aptly asking these questions to the wRoNg sorts of DiStorTeD peoples(!!)

It’s been tagged as happily contrary actually. As she did the spade work with her arms and eyes AND mind’s eye and all things.. entangled amidst utter heart ~ shake (…)

“And the jovial state that’s all over her face tends to forever fight ANDfend for its forever Treasured self… .. .” When it seems

SHE’S been—- sleeping with her mind wide awake again and penetrating their senses one step at a time

@okay_collage artist appreciation Erin Houghtaling