They’ve been in-love with the ramshackle state-of-affairs a fair while now, whilst their lopsided smiles get brought back

To life and that OTHER pretty little plACE of distinguished bLiS$: it IS

An eye-opening ENDeavOUR of preposterously LOUD-minded contentment, actually. And it is.. ACTUALLY… NONE-OF-IT an act

Of utter bEwIlDer; be goddamnit WILDER THAN (n)ever S-C-E-N-E before PLEASE. And suppose to PRO=POSE(!!) a toast to them-there starry-minded AND startle-heARTed people…

And, plEASE… … Let’s IMMEDIATELY let these thoughts THRUST THEMSELVES (again) and to travel and cause

Yet another perfectly imperfect VERSE to take… ultimate sHaPe alongSIDE THESE initiated people of starry=faced Shame

upon these aforementioned unmentionable pEoPle

Of diagnosed brilliance-meets-with-undeniABLE resilience..

What they DO do is they send themselves into a cReAtiVe stUPor and on utter purPOSE because,

THIS particular naivety (of Theirs) has all-of-it been

A passion-faced piece of their seasoned hiSTORY.

Bloody Well R.I.P-roaring in=DEED(!!)
Holy SHIT, though: the noose seems to HAVE l-o-o-s-e-n-e-d its gRiP for now…

… around a false and FuKsAKe(!) ReAliTy. Theirs has been the miscalculation of the century
Even if the equation seemed real. Phenomenal people will do the strangest of things

To survive. And as for the rest? That’s been a MeAnDeRinG sMiLe A MILE WIDE