They have certainly bridged the difference between being these differential people of utter indifference. They even appear to have been openly engaging and, YET… for helter-skelters sake (of sworn-IN sUrViVaL)

These fashionable wannabes of oversteered AND -strewn eMoTioNaL intelligence. What they have done to sink their teeth

Deeper still, is a most involuntarily AND INVALUABLE example / of acting… … advantageous and on purPOSE

amidst utter ignominy. Imagine that, though, AND for a mere-EAGER malfunctioning of mEaNDeRinG minute —-

That tHEy actually went toe-to-toe(OR HORN rather!) with the lIvId, sEeThInG breath of THE DEVIL, per-se

Making hay, no matter WHAT(!!) the CONsequences May Be;

This has taken tHEm to THAT pARTicularly unexplainable place… of darkness in, actually.. u-t-t-e-r-l-y no NUMBers(!!) ‘Cept for One, of course… AND dilapiDATED caUSE:

And that WILL s-i-l-e-n-t-l-y have to remain… ALL OF IT HERS(.) Doors Wide SHUT..

Now, FUCK OFF AND LET HER… sEeTHe fOr HeRseLf again