Indeed it is the slip which knew of its own utter weight and merit; and he did wait, with faith and other comically Cul de Sac things. It’s recent enough NOW that they have

Taken themselves {away} to That Other Point Of Utter Endeavour, “and they did attempt to devOUR it all of cOURse(!)”

When The Other Day was its own best trend, actually, and he said the kinda sentences which no-one else wishes to go nEAR hearing. “All that often anymore.” And if they REALLY were entertained with their own state of refreshing brainWAVES…

~~ ~then they really won’t mind just how much it hurts

“Another set of interspersed pEoPle.” The sort of people whom nobody else even seems to think about when their lives are WORKING at FullPeltProductiveAgain(!) When it is a fight: “and she just might… .”