One man and a strange bubble-pipe, adamant on wiping a particular Jewish family right the way out
Marches on in, utterly prepared for a din with words enticed entirely by two such accents
Charming but never, ever disarming
The gun by his side guarantees as much
More than a mere hunch
Knew full well of the ‘rats’ that hunch silently beneath these creaked floorboards
A deal – “Tell me the truth and you get to keep your three precious girls.”
Handsome Frenchman, albeit try as he might right this minute to stifle his each and every tear, he suddenly feels his feet quake
Next, a sip of milk on the soldier’s part – namely ‘The Jew Hunter’ aka Hans Landa
Before pointing to his yes-men minions, inviting them
Three in a fine line utterly intent on taking steady aim…
Bullets on into the lives of four people in the wrong place at an oh so wrong time
Landa smirks followed oh so swiftly by a harrowing smile… “Seems we win. And thank you for your milk… most courteous indeed.”
Frenchman and his daughters begin to breathe then cry
While one Jewish girl sprints way out back, tries to save her family’s very last life
Remember, Landa’s eyes are always a mile wide