They petrified and paralysed themselves and to a point of unputdownable bewilder actually; the times have done their damnedest to express their very own state

— of outrage and imprisonment. This is NOT an actual physical thing, only of course in so far as their mind, head and skull and other portrayal material matters have been ——>

Taken to task, been asking ALL OF THE INCORRECT quest of questionings again. They’ve done it all and then admired All Of The Normal Things and from: afar(!!) So very far, in fact; it’s all-of-it possibly most PROBABLY been a professional act of utter—>>

Mental disorder actually. When the order became utterly effedUP whilst others eyes watched on Regardless..

Inclined to NOT have a singular f*cking clue in the WHOLEwideworld as to WHAT(!?!) exactly IS HAPPENING to them…

And to their stay-away bRaIn. A stairway to NOwhereReaL and disasterfied amidst utter rumination meets with Ruination of aforeMENTIONED brain. This will take.. a level of enthusiastic quietness – so Very AlArmInglY Real///

We canNOT((canNOT, CaNNOT!!) EVER let it steal them away EVER AGAIN. It JUST MUST pay to have played this game. At some ageless stage