They’ve seen bits and BOBS and been brutishly attacked at the seams. She’s into a very strange level of self-estrangement. She’s

Taking the (other people’s) flIppED tips and turning them (all) into her (very) own unCERTAIN individualities, “PLEASE.”

What if we… maybe went and watched the whole of the wide planet antagonise itself enough times (NOW) to cause threadlike behaving’s to falter to

A precise “HALT… !” We don’t (REALLY) wanna refer to their infidel regrets because it’s all been — HUUUUGE inside of their amalgamated minds anyway.”

If we get extremely lucky today then “maybe we will EVENTUALLY get incredibly lOpSidEd comfort-of-clarity inside of our WE DID IT ALL INSIDE OF DELIBERATELY PLAYFUL minds anyway.”