They are pulling themselves from an endless wreck and people speak and tweak their minds to make magical sense again – the sweet, sweet sunny- dispositioning, a strengthened imagination counts for everything right about now

Whilst this enraged inferno twists and burns on and on and… suddenly an intriguingly international level of deceit will misshapenly reoccur … and we just fail to find a way out from under beneath

He sits, feet tucked solidly under a frozen-kneed exterior
Waiting for mindful We to cause a rather magnificently welcomed avalanche regards hopefully so saviour

Wash his fears away, please… and never come back, never of another unforgettably unthinkable day!!!!!!

And these flames begin to form and swarm of tremendously swelled accord, and start to nestle and tear a whole jaw-dropped country wide right open – PLEASE, release and relinquish this pain, deepening oh so sinkingly WITHIN brutalised He

Where back over a saddened yonder upon little boy’s wailing red bubble-boiled face, the happy mask has been pulled none too softly off… ghastly roaring to save oneself

And these maniacal people run and sprint to free thenselves and leave him for dead
Already there, so it seems