When their breaths have interpreted everything else/ and the last sense of stately ownership manages to matter

Of fact and FICTITIOUSLY circumspect endeavour; they do wish to disrupt and devour(DUTIFULLY!) everything else

Aforementioned again and akin like tasteful CrAzy To BeInG ThESe morning-time equivalents of hellbent Master-crafters, in-FACT
They turn this TwIsT-Of-tOnGuE until.. something finally aforementioned again, manages to make..

Maybe miraculously sense
And the paint will be spattered, these ink-laden swimming-pools PUT PLAIN AND sIMPLY puddle of muck perfectly suggestive and

WE ARE (invested and) READy: to dive right-in and drown ourselves to the bones of our HIGHLY saturated beings

Because it HAS BEEN HAPPENING: and for all of 27 fear-filled years She is… seemingly this perfectly predatory individual

Who will plACE down her sworn-in swords again, and she WILL-NOT-DUEL with anybody else, least of all Herself
Because, if they witnessed the underbelly they would worship the miraculous nature of one person’s singular crawl To Stand With US ALL