When she stared in my direction
I started to feel the heat
When I took a look downwards
I noticed the makings of an ********
Delete that last line
I want to have some fun
Move away from the art
All too tired of the clichés, the lazy pun
As she stared
I found myself wondering what on earth she might look like with fewer clothes
There I go again
Seems I’m far too masculine for this particular pen
Don’t think about it too much
Just be yourself
Offer her a drink
Followed by a deft touch
Of the hand
That’ll let her know you’re looking for something
Not a one night stand
Although that would be grand
But it’d be nice to be able to walk down the street
With her by my side
Holding her hand with pride
She stared again
Smiled a little
Ever so subtle
So I ordered another pint
Followed by a shot
‘Til I was good
Ready to trot
My name is Brian
I have to say that tonight you look rather sublime
“Can I buy you a drink?”
I watched her think
Think some more
‘Til she squirmed
Headed straight for the door
What did I do?
My friend came over to me
A look on his face of utter glee
Shrugged hard
“That was poor…
That she headed straight for the door
But it might have something to do
With the fact you like the one night stand
The quick screw?”
What was he on about?
I’d never shout such a thing
Then he pointed to my back
A piece of paper that said
Mother of God
The cheeky sod
We’re supposed to be friends
That was the girl for me
& now all I was left with was a
Pint of beer
A table to the brim with mates who like to jeer
I just had to flee
Oh ya
I met her outside…