The scope is fine, the people are acting PERFECTLY peripheral actually, and that’s.. okay(?) We have SELF-described our SILLY-little-selves times-a-million-and-ONE——)

Other senses of OVEReaGeR thinking in— a straight AND TOPSY-TURVY line. Indeed, to be free IS to f-e-e-l every next LITTLE deciphering of nUaNcEd thing and at roundabout—->>

HOSTILIZED pace; “their faraway aforementioned PeripheralFaces HAVE been to seeBOTHsay(!!) that the day had been dutiful actually, and matter-of-fact”

AmbiguoUS, if we will—> take a tonic/TOXIC(!?!) CONcoction of Oft-than-NOW(!) Exemplary Alcohol..

Which lets us be
Much more impressed TO BE HEARING what we wish to have seen

It’s all a game of cat-and-mouse, only The mouse OWNS the house and… as for the cat?!

Well, it’s been acting exemplary and ALL of its own

Hahahahaha-accord— chasing that ragamuffin tail/TALE as though: the only one in its WHOLE-WIDE-world of

—->skating on Incredibly Thin Ice actually
EXACTLY how it needs to be