They are interestingLy stoked to be there actually; it’s as earned, too, as utterly unimaginable. If they talk slower than most people then LET them do that particular thing

Please, for it’s been coming in At anGlEs of unforgiving pressure. And, still, we seem to’ve witnessed a piece of hiSTORY occur. Inside of our very own intriguing and intrigued minds. Acquiring the greatest state of nonsensical awareness may just claim to create —-

A ‘brain-locking’ of a most… *amazing kind, even it it does hurt their utterInside of Mind(!) “we will haul ourselves through to you to make the deafeningly suggestive DiFferEnCe. And if

Their trouble IS an imprisoning BUBbLE then we will still….. act just about as willing to give them the KEY(to creation…) as we stand body to body
Arm to Arm…

And readily available to take them through… everything suitably loved and cReaTEd in equal meaSURE(!)