Perhaps somebody told them all to eagle eye watch…. The world turn on its toppled axis anyhow. And perhaps they’ve been

Over enticed by miraculous minds. Even though she’s a silly little whispering pseudonym of herself it’s still all of this hers. From top of the bridge == to TOWING the largest line of people peppered in linked pink PANDEMONIUM along.

We haven’t been seeing bricks and mortar the exact same way anymore… as before, adoring instead our head the ball KILLER instinctual behaving’s. She’s called a calculated digression because of the might Not HAPPEN MesS happening inside of her

Mathematically-inclined mind. There’s manners of enthusiasm, OF COURSE, that take their very own breath away, even been these… starry eyed artists with spare tires for miles. Sitting and eating and ceaselessly – and TRUST US IT IS THAT PARTICULAR thing- cReatIng the

Highest order of undenied: “wishful witnessing.” She likes it when her timeOUT… spends itself

Asking unanswered by few too many people QuEstIonS. Loves to play dart-ish games with the steak-knives inside of her

Pulsating eyes. They asked for admittedly abStracT and instead they got —- “good god, she’s a mother ******* uptight anomaly WHO SPEAKS WHEN WE AREN’T even LISTENING .” We’ve stained our prettiest nightgowns OUT-LOUD

… AND ruined our RUNAROUND FEATURELESS faces now and we’ve EVEN blamed the universe for our endless thirst. But one thing we didn’t do? Is we DID NOT

Call ourselves “out”, NOT EVEN FOR A MERE-EAGER second… for all of the miraculous minutes which we stayed and waited with ourselves…

to breathlessly CreaTe..