They never said this part about ocd. It is utterly disgusting and outright mind fucking in EVERY possible way. I want to handle this more than anything. In fact, I will cut off my testicles in return for a semblance of balance with this going forward. Mark these words: To Have Gotten Through My Life So Far With The Chronic Nature Of My Particular OCD Is Maybe.. MAYBE… one of the most unmistakably miraculous mental feats out there. I’m not being cocky or whatever the fuck you might call it in this case. It’s just the cold, hard fucking truth of the situation. Do I want to have ‘achieved’ such a thing? Fuuuuuuck Noooooooo!!!!! I don’t want any plaudits, no nothing. But to watch my days flit away whilst I seem to almost get to be my normal-minded self- the humour, the caring nature, the goddamn wonderfully rational brain I should have— what the hell happened to my mind? 😊