You will need to feel it, all of it and wholeheartedly
Be a monstrous part of this and you can come back smiling
The glorious Cheshire cat minus the good awful backlash which we all seem to know a little or a lot about
Please, figure this one out…?
Leave the trash to rot right through and grow its very own dog ears – yellowed and disgusting
Steer impressively clear ’til they can never, ever get enough of you
All over again
Be forever trusting in this, your very own life story
Of guts ‘n’ glory, I have it on rather sound authority to be
Know without a shadow of a doubt that you, my good friend, were perhaps put here in the first place to make a resounding difference
Bigger than you may have ever let yourself imagine
I think it is safe to say that you now get to wave goodbye to all of that tragedy
Welcome home