There You Are – running on a most lucrative upheaval


This missing leg is but a lesser person’s inadequate illusion

Of improper meaning aside wrongfully unjust acceptance to which…

Way do you go from here

Steer us on upwards, all of the way through ’til sincerely breaking the upper crust

You touch to taste this fragrantly set, all too deserved surface of forever gladdened yours…

To treasure and mould at quickened pace will

Still here, still beating your very own merry, altogether bespoke drum of forever yours – go right ahead of yourself, peel our questionable eyes away from self-aggrandise and demise

It merely took so very little on your ‘Humans of Dublin’ part to differentiate you wholeheartedly apart

We don’t write for just anyone, so you surely must get to knowing

This is Your poem, and it means more to me than to any of ye prioritised people

Sitting to suit out there

You manage to paint a seriously magical picture – to stitch your jovial self to our suddenly so everyday everything

Sing it from these ‘Big Smoke’ rooftops, dear boy – the joy you do bring to your proud, proud mother is, rest-assured, second to none other

Please, settle Say When this particularly honoured pen shall get to scribble its heart to start again