I pull on my shoes, choose the Cons because I want to feel as much like myself as I can while getting to examine for the very first time just how strong my verse may be
That and a Rolling Stones t-shirt – the one with the big, fat lips; oh my, what an unnaturally unquenchable thirst this is in me, absolutely created on the basis of a valuable eye
My sister sits with my book in her hand, turns to me and smiles, a smile that finally lets me know that it has all been reassuringly worthwhile, that all will end up on the right side of grand
Piles of the stuff
My name right there on the front in the most beautiful font, I get exactly what I want, for my brother’s intoxicating design to romance the cover
Painting the picture for a long and winding story all about the ins and outs when it comes to two gay Hollywood lovers