Trepidation’s and all kinds of stellar moments of whatever the f*** equilibrium. There’s a quick and witty need to retrace and outpace the other persons. Not really though Except for a fact that a fact can IN-FACT(!) act like a fact because the fact is actually NOT a fact at all anymore(!!) but for a layered sense of NONSENSICAL fiction, perhaps?!

“True, false?! That’s whoever’s ooooopinion appears to matter really, and it’s all-of-it being acting utterly verbose(again); it’s even, Hmm.. Oft probably altruistic, or not!!

These fighting in a nice and serene sense syllables which wish to crash AND dAnCe Like WiLdfIre…

To constantly cRaFt and create this separate sense of softly sedation. “She’s been sitting here, there and absolutely EVERYWHERE,” talking about herself forever(!) and we’d FAR rather blow our beautiful brains out… .. again

“I don’t think that she even thinks about anyone else except for herself- and that is EXACTLY why these questions are rather odd and oddly rare. She has literally no CONfidence anymore/ he probably does deserve much, much more

And, unfortunately for her, she knows it In her horns- “Ahem.. her bones!”