If there are really a thousand and one ways that the mind can traverse and at any given moment then that’s the possibility for story overload. Right now? The stories are more important to me; the recognition on a personal level of a brand new and… previously… un-portrayed storyline(atrocious English). But that’s, I think, the part of me that really wants to one day create “THAT novel!!” The one that makes readers go, “WHAAAAAAT JUST… HUH!!! Who.. WHAAAAT!!!?” It’s all in there, in fact I think it’s in a strange way already written itself. Shit, it’s probably gonna be a crazy ass, ignited spark of word splurge and, perhaps maybe… over the course of a week or weekend some time. Yeah, that might well be what does it. I’d definitely write a better novel than grow a damngod beard anyhow