Kept the Buckfast
Underneath her bed
Nestled against an
Astronomical array of shoes
That put the
‘Sex & the City’ girls to
Wine also had a tendency to make
Her morals loose
When she wasn’t out
Partying at ‘Heaven’
It was her & the
First thing in the morning
When she woke with the mother
Of all hangovers
At eleven
Nobody knew
Not even her boyfriend
Given his fondness for this
Particular brew
Name’s Stew
She drank enough to get
The job done
Being a Party Planner
One day
She managed to park the car
In the wheelchair zone
Made the frustrated warden moan
When things got on top of her
She turned to the bottle
One morning
It was empty and she needed
Some help
Work was fine
But she needed the crutch
Poured some loose change from
Her pocket
Filling herself up
‘Til she’d had enough