Quiz show supreme
Just me and my arch-nemesis
…Imagine this…
He sitting there, painstakingly prepared to take me down to unflinching grounds
An axe right through the heart
If I didn’t know any better he may just have painted those killer-eyes on in my every honour
An honour’s, an honour’s, an honour
Either way, I’m just as equally prepared to turn this one right on its head
Wax lyrical ’til his blasphemous mind manages to remind them all just why it is he fell oh so far in the first instance
Remiss, as ugly as a bat out of hell
Remember him way back when? Course I do… how could I not!!
But tonight we will need to ignore all of this, all of the above, split our personalities right down the middle, give it one helluva shot
The utterly lost ego-maniac and the poet, both in it to absolutely win it!
Be an out ‘n’ out sin if I didn’t somehow cater for this
Such a damn pity though that it had to be mathematically-based
Think you all know ’tis just not my thing
Truth of the matter, he WILL most probably win it
But I think we all know deep, deep down who the REAL winner is here
And just one chair remains