It’s a fairly precarious and strange situation to find yourself in, I guess you could definitely say. You’ve done everything and then some to let the imbalance do its damnedest; let the ruminations fall away for their worthless and utterly illogical worth. It still feels as if something is up, as if… it cannot, just cannot be correct to not be entertaining said ruminations(intrusive thoughts). The tricky part, wherein it now just feels like it might be a normal thing to be worrying about because, well, people do worry about these things in general, it seems, or so I’ve heard, so why wouldn’t I be doing the same thing, right?! Tricky, the fact that what you are actually in the middle of trying to achieve is some sense of a ‘cure’ for your obsessive compulsive disorder. However, this is PRECISELY the part where you HAVE to go that little bit further: to continue on exactly as you have been doing and to do it with pride and self-belief. It’s either that or slip and eventually find yourself back in a hellish mind-map of nonstop, mind-bending and pummelling rumination. You got this 💪