As all of the make-believe things that appear to have once upon a long, long time been panic-stricken and mightily underpinned by way of uttermost hypocritical hierarchy this time

Begin to both reap and reward themselves for their singular-most sense of ultimate hesitancy

Yes. Indeed, these same sane people of gargantuan circumstance who had to have been eagerly meandering about the place since the eager-faced beginning..

As they courageously carried with them this insipid taste for tantalized torture aside exciting promises of far-flung freedom this time .


Maybe… perhaps, they shall boisterously begin to try at lavishly unwinding … … is to inevitably get to causing themselves to doss and dine with a most fantastically inebriated sense of Sophomore wine






Dancing Hand .

Whilst these sweetly addictive cigarette smokes continue to choke their living, seething (st/ILL breathing!) ulterior emotions into a sizable sense of perplexed submission again .

“Yes!”Those same sane both puerile and pedantic people really did appear to have been crazed into an ear-aching sense of seismic entrapment, and wholly dislocated till size-ably given over

To an anticipatory state of interchangeable spontaneity wherein… their livid, seething minds cannot but (insistently try and struggle sometimes… ..

For the valiant shape of kind fusillade eyes .


And, all awhile, she leans on in nearer still.. to whisper it so very comfortable and completely near his committed(-) ear-piece —-

For him to (-)/(soflty) say it:

with wild flowers and rampant-faced rhyme this time!