All of the make-believe things that appear to have been panic-stricken and mightily underpinned by way of uttermost hypocritical hierarchy.

Those same sane and artificially sworn-in people of gargantuan circumstance indeed – and all at one tumult-of-time, shall they generously try at lavishly unwinding.. and distastefully dining

With-in the surrounds of a singular sense of Sophomore wine at dancing hand (this time)

And always with these silly little sweetly addictive cigarette smokes, sitting nearly nearby, to choke their living, seething (st/ILL breathing!) ulterior motives into sizeable submission yet again.

Yes! They’ve been crazed into a most singular sense of seismic entrapment perhaps, and wholly (dis)located and shipped to an anticipatory place wherein – spontaneously!! their livid, seething, ill/perceived neighbours cannot but try… ..

For the valiant shape of kind, kind fusillade eyes

Say it with a sense of wild flowers this time!