What if we walked and talked and turned testosterone into its very own singular thing? They’ve been bellyaching yet again and being.. “fedUP and irreparably unique-SLASH-bleak(!!)”

When it gets too hot underneath the collar we just might-may-like: “to ask what it took to take their very own nervous breaths away?” It’s highly up there on his list of “NOT TO DOS… .”

Even if it’s been == a serious and not too delightful kinda thing. “Which swims?” We aren’t here to make mischief happen. Aren’t even EVENTUALLY here to blow our own wildly-old-cobwebs away. She’s

Turning over ten leaves at a time, actually, and he sees the seemingly impossible-to-BE… actually(!) “At the time of thINKING, they REALLY did something similar to themselves, they delved for everyone else.” And if they saw our miracle-of-mind…

They might just like