Truly… we are talking here about sitting with a mental imbalance so illogical and unforgiving. We are talking about.. teaching your mind all over again to be okay with the imbalance, however difficult that particular thing can become. And it DOES get outrageously difficult. In fact, there are NO WORDS. We are talking about accepting.. really, the pretty much unacceptable. The loss of a life, the mental pain(ABOVE ALL ELSE, as that’s part of the whole recovery process). About… staying rooted to the moment, rooted to the… wish AND want(UTTERLY, of course!) to get better. Yeah, there doesn’t appear to be any particular cure for this mental disorder right now, although I do feel that there really will be some day. However, what there IS, is some of the bravest people on earth imaginable. Doing their damned best ever to cope. To cope amidst the utterly impossible, really, mental discombobulation. These people deserve to feel like their truest selves, that’s a given. Only, unfortunately not so for them. 😃 We keep going. We keep searching for… balance.