Touches of unidentifiable and TOUGH little TiMeS: these needlessly unforgettable, oft-than-NOT(!) unforgiving elements of whipping aNxIetY, actually.

We’ve ably adjusted our telly-sets YET again and added (Yet) another credible contortion AND TwIsTeD concoction to the liquified tABLE: YES.
It IS pink and it IS perishable(!!)

These w-i-l-l be.. the rather advantageous dAze —

Conned back to some sort of a layabOUT(!!) lifestyle and l-i-v-i-n-g acrimoniously at-LARGE
like cathartic cRaZy, even if SIMULTANEOUSLY self-sabotAGED by

… the wrong-way-ROUND kinda of unkindly CONfusion Of. The. Decade- Intruded by ALL OF nothing

it HAS(!) paraded its unBREAKABLE wits, spLIT(!) our loveliest of ambiguous and u-N-i-q-U-e differences – and, Yet, we will… STill

Multiply ourselves suggestively until getting to s—-w——-a——-n and swagger(!!) about the plACE AIMlessly AND a-c-t-i-n-g relatively regardless

Of anything ELSE AS-IF, these toughened AND t-o-u-g-h-e-n-i-n-g of BREATHING and reeling masterpieces which have aforementioned ADVANTAGEOUSLY added to dilute AND aLTeR—

Anything (eLsE!) which came and will come beFORE it (again) and CAN infact HELP

TO HINDSIGHT hInDeR us – F-*-C-K THAT(!!!) smearing of modern=minded hilarity actually because, it is

definitely a waste of age-old expanding of space AND individual intelligences. Let them drink, let them do NOTHING-else(!!) Literally, please.

And, above ALL OF ANYTHING else- LET their memories reADJUST themSELVES Til they Are ReAdy. AND readily available to be treaSUREd and READ.

From the sleep and slumber of a dead person’s bed