Just say when
This particular thing has been playing with your mind, toying with your utter individuality
Crass to admit the least – when you were simply born to soar and breathe
Trying times indeed, unbelievably upsetting, dividing your sprightly mind between what can be oh so good aside meticulously bad – this gargantuan fret threatened your mind-boggling existence, couldn’t but
You were terrifically glad-ragged when, really, you should’ve been left to shine bright like a roughly-cut diamond, attired in pristine
Only you can ever fully understand the absolute catastrophe in agonising hindsight – the monstrous fallout, supportive friends trickle by the harrowing wayside
And all of this in the unthinkable blink of an eighteen year stint, catch them when you can
These wings won’t wait for everyone so you do know
Hurts me to say but it’s all that you write
To steal your soul was entirely undeserving, the shudder and shake all-consuming
We are waiting here for you to make up the tremendous difference – these words cannot be the only impression you leave
To somehow, God knows how, relinquish these perilous demons with piercing wings triumphantly painted upon
Just please try and tell us when we might finally get to see you because you have us reeling, feeling these dreaded things for you