It never quite took off of its own accord – this monotonous, downright peculiarly – driven life of hers
Perilous and she was shown and given a front – row seat to her very own theatrical disaster
This will need to spell itself self – explanatory right the entire way out
Mounds of terrifically deceitful upheaval, a mind pushed and pummeled upon its crucified knees
Please, please relinquish this demon swarming viciously, outright bespoke within
She absolutely longed for no part of it whatsoever
There had always been a screaming treasure bound and misguided by something rather unspectacular, unsatisfactory – neglecting, a failure to respect the real She
Sabotaged by the ghost of past failings, perhaps
No lapse in being reminded and wrought – out time again
The pretty penny having never quite let itself drop
So you do know, she truly stopped at nothing to fix it all, yet it took her away soon as these days transformed themselves to darkened none too necessary reoccurrence
Just must wave them off and say goodbye
Born the softest touch known to be
By the end, gladly