They weren’t even aiming for the moonshine when we all ended-up wining and shining and dining inside of our merely little big fat minds. It’s huge and it’s an abstract AND FACTual happening and it’s really gonna forsake its own state of PEARLY-WHITE wisdom

for just
a damn
little big
fat while.

The people in the BLACKENED-OUT car at the back weren’t even listening intently to the HeavenSent nature of a hell-sent stranger / strangled into cutthroat desire and distinguished design, “they WILL NOT PRESS lucrative ReWinD.” We yelp at the mere-eager thought of utter turmoil and we oil our preparatory minds Back To Life: “anyway.”

Strife and something utterly unlikely TO BE LIKE THAT unkindly thing, actually. Yet, say we were to take to ACTING-OUT and talking to all of the misplaced geniuses in the wide world and we were to

And ENDLESSLY-both-envioUSly steal a piece of their maniacal-too-many Of Everything and PRETTY LITTLE big fat enlarged insinuations, would it really all eventually make engaging sense of itself anyway, or might we jUSt have turned the whole thing on top of its

head(?)” Left for dead and still dreaming: “of this MESMERISED L!FE(..)”