Deathly enthused and utterly asking for a penetration to the Brain, “Baby!” Make their guts grow GUTS OF THEIR OWN, let their eyes dissolve into.. upside/down and TwIsTeD little pissholes(!) These pissants with the crass attitudes and TalkALot mouthpieces. Mother fucking nothing but for

Circles cocked too many times to ever even Care OR COUNT themselves ANYMORE!
They’re dying to die and we are dying to do that natural and deserving disservice(!?) to them
Mother effing idiotic wilder-beasts who deserve NOTHING really:

FOR BEING: so VERY Goddamn BRILLIANTLY soundASLEEP AT THE wAnDeR of the WhEeL; and it really
DOES(!!) deserve to be sMaSheD AND CRASHED, that accident-enhanced car(!!!), into a Volkswagen ALL OF ITS OWN.
Prone: to probable peculiarity