Listened to Dido on the radio
“Giving me the best day of my life”
And I started to think
Only in the best way of course
Was THIS my best day?
The sun was shining
I was enjoying the rhyme
Going on my gut instinct
No checking the clock
No time at all
Met my cousin for coffee
Chatted about her ex
Shared a banoffi
Thought about a drink
But went against it
No need to upset the apple cart just yet
Have myself vomiting on my parents freshly painted fence
The spikes will persist
When I least expect it
That’s par of the course
It’s been there for so long
It was bound to insist
But I let them fade away now
Smoke less and less cigarettes
Get on with my day to the best of my ability
Watch the fun being had
My head sways
Conversations soar
Make my friends laugh
Sometimes they even manage a roar
Sold a poem to a stranger
A little bit taken aback by the price
But as soon as she read it again
She said “YES!”
She’d to think about it twice
So that’s a pretty good day to call my own
Got everything done
But I know deep down that I need to keep on keeping on
Remain stronger than strong
Have to head to another cousin’s play tomorrow night
Maybe a beer or two
Followed by his bow
Then it’ll all be over
And I’ll have done myself proud
No such fright
I write these poems because I’ve always loved to write
It’s a way of getting to the finish line far quicker
Or maybe I don’t really have a book in me
Is it that I might just be a little bit ticker than I thought
I doubt it somehow
So more days like today please
And I promise to take them with a pinch of salt
Utter ease
Off to the gym with me
Pretty random really
But that’s what I wanted
To be able to do things on a complete whim