Generally speaking, you do indeed need to bury the intrusive thoughts triggered by OCD / to bury them so bloody deep that NOTHING will ever hurt your mind again. Not on such an irrational level, anyhow. That’s the wished for outcome with the OCD, for any sufferer, of course. Now: this takes one thing above anything else, really. The necessity to let all of the imbalance be there. At times that can be so mentally frightening and taxing on the brain and it will feel as real to the sufferer as real can possibly be, what they believe WILL happen to them if they do not try and find an answer. It is perhaps as complex as it gets as far as disorders go, but only in so far as once the sufferer has gotten themselves caught-up in the loop-cycle of intrusive thought/s and triggered compulsion/s again. Why is it so hard? Because it’s an imbalance all over your brain- that’s a fact. And the sufferer truly can do nothing for it but to 1) again, let the imbalance BE THERE!