1/ It is maladjusted for now and it is INFACT a fiercely Felt masterPEACE— with its spontaneous state of self-combUStion Combining to

CREDIBLY combine, actually: this OVEREMOTIONAL pouring of pandemonium-driven people; they’ve been stereo-TYPICALly acting all kinds of NoneTooKindlyYetAgain..

2/ When they DO indeed tend to say whatever they WILL wish to SEE—-
THAT infact.. will get to spontaneously be?!

Every little sense of NEXT(!!) sentimental AND NuAnCeD thing.

3/ Watch them spREAD their eagle-wings AT PACE, WITness them scream… as L-O-U-D as a procrastinating person COULD wish-to-be.

Feeling NOTHING at all anymore. INDEED. What we w-i-l-l fiercely feel IS their singular altruistic soul set UPon

Wrong-way-ROUND(!) sUrVivAl technique, actually.

4/ With their Calmified minds set upon ThePriceOfThePrizeOFALIFETIME, it appears as if —-

The race has AND had been ran and that their investigative eyes have been none-too-TYPICALLY anointed by: The FrightOf


5/ Why not!? DaNcE as ThOUGH dist—antly dIshevElleD and a-c-t-i-n-g ALL KINDS OF wonderFULLY mischievous and hilarious (aGAIN)

And In The f(ACE!) of criminally hidden adversity—

6/ Their thrust-of-thirst has become this inexplicABLE thing of investigated inTELLigences, if we did need to ask